Achilleus 3D

Achilleus 3D – Tactical Map and Navigation tool, designed to maximize situational awareness and operational readiness. Plan and organize your mission!


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MBC Achilleus

MBC Achilleus – The most advanced multi-platform Mortar Ballistic Calculator (MBC), providing a state-of-the-art assistance to Mortars/Artillery deployed on the battlefield combining map and navigation.

Improves the command and control of Mortars & Artillery fires and the speed of employment, accuracy and survivability.

Coming soon (iOS, Android, MacOSX, Windows, Linux)

about Achilleus 3D application

Field Tested & Approved!

MBC Achilleus comes from the mind of an Army Field Artillery Officer. He serve over a decade in Mortar Battalion/Platoons and had a vision of creating a low-cost and extremely accurate standalone and mobile-targeting platform built specifically for military Artillery/Mortar warfighters.

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Simple to use

Incredibly easy to learn and use. At the same time is one of the most powerful and low cost solution in the industry.


Universal multi-platform mapping solution. Supports 2D and 3D offline maps with digital elevation model (DEM).


Currently supports Mortars 120mm and 81mm. We can add mortars and artillery guns on request.

This feature is available only on MBC Achilleus


It has been battle-tested and effectively utilized during combat operations to ensure safety and accuracy.

MBC Achilleus

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MBC Achilleus (Mortar Ballistic Calculator)